Holiday Party 2010

BHB employees got a little competitive at this year's holiday party. The party was held at the Horizon Financial Center in Sandy, UT. There were two main events for the evening; a gingerbread house competition and the baby picture guessing game. We were also served dinner and pie.

The biggest event of the evening was probably the gingerbread house competition. Each table was a team and each team was given a box of supplies to build their house; graham crackers, three colors of frosting, candy and a chocolate Santa to put on top. The goal was to build a house that was at least 20" tall, was structurally sound and was pleasing to the eye. In a room full of structural engineers, the competition for the most structurally sound got pretty heated. To test the structure of each house, they were set on a vibrating table on different speeds to see how long they would hold up. It was a fun competition and night.