Alex Piket - SEAU Fresh Face of Engineering Award 2015

Alexander Piket, Project Engineer at BHB Consulting Engineers, was awarded the Structural Engineers Association of Utah (SEAU) Fresh Face of Engineering Award 2015. This prestigious honor recognizes up-and-coming structural engineers for their excellence in their profession.

Piket moved to the United States in 2009 from the Netherlands. He started at BHB in 2012 as a full-time project engineer while finishing his Master's degree at the University of Utah, graduating in 2014. Piket has quickly grown to be a great engineer, taking on projects with enthusiasm and tackling difficult problems that are beyond what most engineers with his experience could handle. He has served as the structural project engineer on numerous notable projects including the Farmington University of Utah Health Center, Neruoworx's Neurological Rehabilitation Center, West Jordan Fire and Police Station, DNR's Regional Office Building and Washington County School District Hurricane Middle School.

Piket has not only proven himself to be a valuable team member to BHB but an asset to the structural engineering community as a promising new member.