Independence Meetinghouse/Prototype

The Heritage 09 Prototype chapel is a "next generation" chapel that incorporates the latest in energy efficient technology, economizes build design based on region, and speeds up the build process. Four prototypes were built and the lessons learned were incorporated into a new Standard Heritage 09 plan. One of the new prototypes has a stepped flat roof instead of the familiar sloped roof. This design initially posed a problem because the upper roof had no interior walls that could act as a lateral resistance. The solution was to stack an upper truss onto a lower truss that had an extra tall parapet designed to resist lateral loads.


Location: Various
Date of Completion: 2010
Size: 84,626 SF


St. Thomas More

St. Thomas More was a 35,000 sq ft addition and remodel to an existing Catholic Parish located in Sandy. The addition was for additional classroom and gymnasium space. The structural framing system was steel joist with CMU walls.


Location: Sandy, Utah
Date of Completion: 2009
Size: 35,000 SF


Ames Corner Stone Church

This is a large steel framed addition around several existing structures with a large auditorium and platform with concrete over metal deck mezzanines and several other one story sections such as an office, lobby, multipurpose room, and classrooms. The auditorium mezzanine used light weight foam to shape the levels for the tiered seating with classrooms below. The roof structure consists of open web steel joists supported by steel beams along the perimeter with a few large entry canopy's framed with steel beams. The building lateral system consists of moment frames, inverted V brace frames, and 2 story X brace and moment frames. The exterior of the building is enclosed by a metal stud curtain wall with brick, stucco, and metal panel finishes. The perimeter foundation system uses a continuous concrete trench footing system to carry exterior building loads and to meet frost depth requirements. Photos provided by BGW Services LLC.


Location: Ames, IA
Date of Completion: 2008
Size: 111,000 SF