Mike Keirnes

Principal, BIM Lead
mike.keirnes@bhbengineers.com(801) 355-5656
I have been working in the industry of buildings and design for the past 19 years, from shop work to design work. It's all a passion that I have enjoyed and will be involved in for probably the rest of my life. It's always a rush to see what you have been a part of. And to physically go to these locations and see the design at work is inspiring. To quote one of my favorites, “Sir, does tactile contact alter your perception of the Phoenix?”, “Oh yes! For humans, touch can connect you to an object in a very personal way, make it seem more real.”

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Mike Keirnes

What's your proudest moment?
Family wise, being a father. Work wise, being able to help be part of the design of my High School.
Before working at BHB what was the most unusual or interesting job you've ever had?
California Academy of Science. That steel roof was something else.
What's your favorite TV show?
Star Trek, especially the insightful episodes. “The Measure of a Man”
If you could have lunch with one person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
The Dali Lama, always curious about insight into life and personal growth.

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Mike Keirnes

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